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The Princeton Review, along with Kaplan and Manhattan, is one of the more established test prep providers. They are known for their expert instructors and quality content. The Princeton Review GMAT test prep offers more material than many of its competitors with self-paced, live online, and in person options as well as tutoring packages.

They are also known for their innovative educational technology, winning the 2018 EdTech Cool Tool Award for testing prep solutions because their experience “meets students where they are and brings them to where they need to go,” exactly what a prospective test taker wants!

The Princeton Review GMAT test prep courses are highly rated, well-priced, adaptive test prep options with tons of material.


The Princeton Review GMAT prep courses are known for their extensive high-quality content. All of the GMAT course packages include 91 quick review lessons, 83 adaptive drills with over 3,000 questions, live sessions with extensive explanations, and 100+ adaptive video-based lessons. All video lessons are recorded by The Princeton Review’s expert instructors.


The Princeton Review GMAT prep courses also offer ten full-length practice exams, which is more than any other test prep provider in the industry.

The Ultimate LiveOnline and Ultimate In-Person courses offer 27 hours of live instruction as well as online on-demand recordings. These courses also include the “Hard Math 700+” workshop. 

The Princeton Review is the only test prep provider that offers all students the GMAT Official guide. This guide has problems from actual GMAT tests (unlike the other guides, in which the test prep makers develop their own questions). The guide’s questions are the most similar to the actual test that you will take, making this an invaluable resource.


The Princeton Review offers three different courses levels, the Self-Paced course, the Ultimate LiveOnline Course, and the GMAT Ultimate Course. They also offer tutoring packages.

The Self-Paced course is $499 and includes adaptive video-based lessons, ten full-length practice exams, and an hour of one-on-one time with a private tutor.

The Ultimate LiveOnline course ($1,399) and the GMAT Ultimate course ($1,499) both offer 27 hours of live instruction, online lessons you can review at any time, a customized online lesson plan, and ten full-length computer adaptive practice exams. They also come with The Princeton Review Guarantee. The difference between the two is that the LiveOnline is available online and the Ultimate is in person, in a Princeton Review classroom. Both also include “Hard Math 700+,” a workshop that helps you understand and answer the most difficult quantitative problems.

They also offer a Private Tutoring Program for one-on-one instruction and strategies. This personalized approach starts at $1,800 for ten hours and comes with access to The Princeton Review’s GMAT self-paced courses.

Free Resources

The Princeton Review offers a Free GMAT computer adaptive practice test that allows you to get an idea of where you should start. When you take the practice test, you also get access to a portion of their online self-paced course for 14 days for free as well as a customized review of the test.

If you are near a Princeton Review test center, you can attend a free strategy session, if not, they have LiveOnline Strategy Sessions for free, offered about once a month.

In addition to different ways of testing if The Princeton Review GMAT courses are right for you, The Princeton Review’s website has information about different business school programs, including admissions advice, GMAT scores, average post-graduate salaries, and general MBA information.

Best Features

The Most Computer Adaptive Exams

The Princeton Review GMAT Prep courses offer ten computer adaptive practice exams. Yep! Ten. With every package. This is more than any of its competitors. If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you know how much importance we put on practice exams. Taking practice exams is one of the best ways to hone your skills, understand the exam, and build the endurance necessary to finish the GMAT successfully. Practice exams also give you the opportunity to determine where you are and where you need to be.

The Princeton Review’s GMAT practice exams use computer adaptive technology and their cutting edge algorithm to mimic the GMAT. After each exam, you are given personalized feedback and suggestions of what to study next, in order to increase efficiency in your studies.

Hard Math 700+

The Princeton Review GMAT courses are geared towards those who want 700+ scores. They offer a “Hard Math 700+” workshop at no additional cost. The workshop helps you master even the most difficult quantitative problems, with the goal of breaking the 700 point mark. If you are aiming for a top tier business school, this is something you must do, giving The Princeton Review GMAT courses an edge.


The LiveOnline, classroom, and tutoring packages all offer the GMAT essay LiveGrader, one of only a few GMAT course providers that offer this service. You are able to submit your essay through the LiveGrader tool, and within a few days, one of their experts will give a 1- 6 score, just like the GMAT itself, as well as suggestions on how to improve.

Adaptive Learning

The Princeton Review GMAT adaptive drills give you a “practice” option or a “learn” option. With the “practice” option, you finish the complete drill, and then review. With the “learn” option, you can review each question as you answer it. If you get it right, the course will move on. If you do not, the course will work with you to get it right.

The course tracks your answers, as well as the reasons behind any incorrect answers, to help you develop a more customized study plan.

They also offer their “DrillBuilder,” adaptive drills that mimic the GMAT itself. You can either build your own quizzes or allow their algorithm to build them for you. During these drills, their algorithm will react to a correct or incorrect answer, adjusting the next question. As you practice more, the DrillBuilder will identify which areas you need to study more. If you want a customized drill, you can hit their “optimize” button and they’ll put together a series of questions that specifically target your needs, making the quiz as difficult as you can handle without going overboard.

Access to The Experts 

The Princeton Review GMAT instructors are known for their expertise. In order to qualify as an instructor or tutor, you need to have scored in the 99th percentile. They are vetted through a rigorous screening process, with subject exams and mock sessions. 


Worst Features

The Princeton Review GMAT prep courses lack a few important elements: a mobile app, a quiz bank, and limited in-person courses and tutoring.

While The Princeton Review GMAT course is strong with its customizable online site, it doesn’t offer a way to study using a mobile app, definitely making it a little less convenient. If a mobile app is a must-have feature for you, take a look at our comparison chart to find a course with an extensive mobile app, like Magoosh.

They also do not offer a dedicated quiz bank. All of their quizzes and practice questions are built into their lesson plans, which works well if you are a student that stays with the plan. But, if you want extra practice on a specific section, you aren’t able to take a dedicated quiz separately from the coursework.

Lastly, their in-person and tutoring packages are limited by geography. The Princeton Review GMAT prep courses are available primarily in and around major cities and college towns. If you want an in-person tutoring or course option and there is not a Princeton Review center in your area, take a look at Kaplan, as they offer the most in-person locations.

Other Beneficial Features

Tutoring Packages

The Princeton Review’s GMAT Private Tutoring Packages are available in person and online. There are two packages, a ten-hour program for $1,800 and an 18-hour program for $3,000.  They are completely personalized and can go over anything that you need, from specific problems to more generalized skills, as well as study planning, and more. If you aren’t satisfied with your tutor after the first session, The Princeton Review will find you a better match and replace the original session.

Both packages come with access to their self-paced prep course and materials.

As mentioned above, the Princeton Review’s GMAT tutors are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. They are available to students both online and in person.

Score Guarantee

If you do not improve your score, The Princeton Review will refund your tuition. The Score Guarantee is not available with their self-paced option. They will also allow you to repeat a course, with no questions asked, if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Trial Options

The Princeton Review GMAT trial option is 14 days, compared to most of their competitors’ 7-day trials. The trial option includes one full-length computer adaptive practice test, an interactive score report, and access to some of their best features including interactive videos and adaptive drills. It includes the full content for four different lessons, a few different drills (out of thousands), and the beginning of a tailored study plan.

You Might Like The Princeton Review GMAT Test Prep Courses If:

You need to get over a 700, want a personalized study experience, taught by industry experts.

Because the Princeton Review offers a lot of value (with full courses starting at $499), you might like their packages if you are looking for lots of high-quality materials priced affordably.

To determine if the Princeton Review GMAT prep is right for you, or to compare Kaplan vs Princeton Review GMAT Prep and others, take a look at our comparison chart.

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