Manhattan Prep GRE Courses offer some of the most comprehensive courses on the market. All of their instructors are in the top 1% of GRE test takers, so you have confidence in their expertise. They offer an extensive amount of excellent study material, both online and offline and likely the most accurate practice exams on the market. They also offer flexible course options, from completely self-guided to one-on-one tutoring packages.

All of this makes Manhattan Prep an excellent choice for most students looking to improve their GRE scores.


Manhattan Prep’s courses offer both online and print course materials. Their basic course, Interact for GRE, offers 27 hours of video lessons, strategy guidebooks for each area of the exam, the ETS’s Official Guide to the GRE, and six accurate practice exam. The complete course offers 27 additional hours of live classroom or live online instruction.

Manhattan Prep offers the most practice problems (over 100,000) of any of the courses we’ve reviewed. They also offer more printed materials than most of their competitors, including the 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems. With the Manhattan Prep GRE courses, you are NOT going to run out of practice problems.

The Manhattan Prep GRE practice exams are known to be the most difficult in the industry, developed by test takers in the 99th percentile. Many students have taken the actual GRE, and said that their Manhattan Prep GRE practice exams were more difficult than the test itself. This gave these students an edge that they may not get with other GRE test prep providers.

They even offer “emotional support and comic relief,” which is something we haven’t seen offered anywhere else!


One of the unique options that Manhattan Prep offers is a monthly payment plan, from $22/month.

Manhattan Prep GRE courses start at $199 for their live online Math in a Day course and go up to over $1399 for their MBA-specific course. They also offer a “Just Math” Course (both online and in person) starting at $699. Their in-person courses start at $1199.

They also offer quite a few a la carte options, including the Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides, a package of six Manhattan GRE practice tests, and quite a few practice material sets and guides.

Free Resources

Manhattan Prep has a “Free Resources” page that details their offerings. They offer a free computer adaptive practice test, flashcards, and a free mobile app to practice with. They also offer a free Manhattan Prep GRE Prep Hour, giving you access to their experts, online, twice a month. These Prep Hours are also available on YouTube anytime after the original recordings. They also offer community resources, including a GRE study blog, a forum, and a Facebook community all so that students can reach out to other students for questions.

In addition to their free resources, Manhattan Prep GRE offers a free class to anyone interested in their prep courses so that they can try it out and see if the style is right for them.

Best Features

GRE for MBA Course

Many students do not want to take the GMAT, but are still interested in graduate business programs. As more and more schools begin to accept the GRE as an option, more students are taking the GRE for admittance to business school. Manhattan Prep is the only GRE test prep option that I have seen that has a specific program tailored to the potential MBA. It includes one session of MBA admissions guidance.

Authentic Practice Tests

Manhattan Prep GRE practice tests are arguably the best practice tests on the market. Each of their courses offers six practice exams. Many students report that their practice exams are harder than the GRE itself, adding to your confidence and ability when you actually do take the test.

Math Only Option

For $699, Manhattan Prep offers a comprehensive math only option. It includes 12 hours of live online or live in-person classroom time, several print books, and 6 GRE practice tests. Considering how many students feel less confident about their math skills, this is a great option for many.

99th Percentile Experts

Every instructor at Manhattan Prep scored in the 99th percentile on the GRE, so you know you will be taught by a GRE expert. This is not a claim that most of their competitors can make.

Worst Features

Inflexible Online Options

The Manhattan Prep Interact for GRE course, their only self-paced course, is only offered in a one-month or a six-month package. Most students study for about three or four months, so neither of these options is ideal.

No Free App

While you are able to access your coursework online, Manhattan Prep doesn’t offer a free app for mobile studying, which is not ideal for those studying on the go. They do have a third-party developed app for an additional $9.99, but it is limited to only 184 questions, flashcards, and games.

No Score Guarantee

The Manhattan Prep GRE Course is the only one that we’ve reviewed that does not offer any refund or retake options if your score does not improve.

Tutoring Packages

Manhattan Prep GRE tutoring packages may be the most flexible of any program we’ve reviewed, but they are also on the more expensive side. You can start with just 2 hours, for $255 per hour with packages that go up to 25 hours. You are able to add additional hours to any package at the package’s tutoring rate.

Their tutoring packages are available both online and in person. They include 10+ additional hours of instruction, the Manhattan Prep Official Guide to the GRE, and a 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems.

Score Guarantee

Unfortunately, Manhattan Prep does not offer a money back guarantee. All payments are nonrefundable. If this is a make or break feature for you, take a look at a few other GRE courses to compare.

Trial Options

Manhattan Prep allows potential students to sit in on any of their live online or in-person classes, so you can get a feel for the style.

You Might Like The Manhattan Prep GRE Test Prep Courses If:

You are self-motivated and short on time. Their Interact for GRE course is flexible, and self-paced, and is offered starting as a month-long package. You can upgrade to six months, if necessary.

You might also like the Manhattan Prep GRE courses if you are ready to do the work and put in the time to get a high score. Their live online and in-person courses are some of the most rigorous in the industry, and cover quite a bit of material.

Lastly, You might also like the Manhattan Prep GRE courses if you are interested in getting your MBA, as they offer an MBA specific GRE prep course, with admissions counseling included.

If you’d like to read a little more than the our Manhattan Prep GRE review or want to compare Manhattan GRE Prep vs. Kaplan (link), take a look at our comparison chart.

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