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There is a reason that Kaplan GRE test prep has been around for so long. They are one of the best known, most-respected test prep brands around. Kaplan offers the widest variety of test prep options, at the most locations and the most times. From live and in person classes and hands on tutoring to simple and less expensive a la carte options, there is something for almost every type of student. From those needing just a brush up to those needing a complete review with personalized one-on-one tutoring, Kaplan offers the most materials and options of any of the GRE test prep providers.

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Kaplan GRE test prep has developed an extensive library of materials. This is arguably their best feature. Kaplan offers the most full-length practice exams of any of their competitors, more practice questions than most, offline resources, and a GRE test prep channel that gives live and on-demand skill and strategy tips and lessons. They have such a large catalog of videos, practice questions, tests, and other materials that the average student will likely get nowhere near completing them all. It may seem like overkill to some, but most students can rest assured that there is enough content in their weakest areas to learn the basics and improve to expert level.


Because they have the most options of any of the GRE test prep providers, they are able to start at very low prices ($49 for an a la carte math and verbal review). However, most of the fuller service Kaplan GRE courses start higher than their competitors. They do offer more material than most of their competitors, so it may be worth it. But for lower priced options, like Magoosh, take a look at a few of their competitors.

Free Resources

The Kaplan GRE website has an extensive amount of free information about the GRE test, the graduate school application process, and grad school in general. Even if you aren’t considering a Kaplan test prep course, their website can be a valuable resource in the process of choosing and then getting into graduate school. They also offer free 20-minute “workouts,” a “Question A Day” via email, live practice test options, and an on-demand practice test. Regularly, they offer free GRE test prep events, including sample classes and strategy sessions.

Best Features

Most options

Kaplan has the most options for GRE test prep courses and material. There is something for every budget and need, from $49 for a Rapid Review Live for GRE Math to over $2100 for their tutoring packages. They offer in-person classes (starting at $1105), live online classes (starting at $850), and self-paced courses (starting at $595). They also have a variety of tutoring options, as well as a la carte study options.

Amount of Study Materials

Kaplan definitely shines when it comes to sheer amount of practice tests, practice questions, full-length exams, and other resources, including some offline materials. They offer more material than any of the other GRE test prep providers, and the library gets deeper every day. They offer seven full-length practice exams. This might be one of their best features, as the best way to gauge and improve your performance is to practice in the most realistic setting. Practice tests enable you to do exactly this, while also helping to develop the mental stamina for the actual test. Most of their competitors only offer three or four practice exams. In addition to the full-length practice exams, Kaplan’s Quizbank offers over 5,000 practice questions, more than any of the other GRE test prep courses and programs. Most students likely will not get to all of these questions, but it is reassuring to know that you will not run out of questions in the areas that you need the most practice. Most of their competitors only offer between 1,500 and 3,000 practice questions. Kaplan GRE prep also offers offline resources, which is unusual in the GRE test prep industry. These include the Kaplan GRE Premier: Course Book Edition, the Kaplan GRE Math Workbook, the Kaplan GRE Verbal Workbook, and the Kaplan GRE Pocket reference. The offline and online materials are designed to work together to provide the student with more options and more extensive materials. The books are also available for purchase separately. One of the most notable areas of Kaplan GRE test prep materials is their GRE Channel, a live or on-demand video service offering interactive lessons and instructions from their GRE experts. The GRE Channel has thousands of hours of instruction, from the basics up to advanced skills, in every area of the GRE test. You can filter videos based on difficulty level and topic. They add 15 – 20 additional hours a week, guaranteeing new and updated tips and skill reviews as well as opportunities for interactive learning. Every episode is archived, so if you can’t catch it live, you can watch them anytime, giving you almost limitless access to GRE strategies and lessons.


Like most of its competitors, Kaplan offers GRE test prep customization. Kaplan does this particularly well in that it offers a Smart Report, which is a personalized breakdown of your practice test performance with recommendations on areas to study. It is designed to help you study materials that will give you the biggest score improvement, based on what you missed, how quick you answered the questions, and the content of the test itself.

From Kaplan’s dashboard, you can see the Smart Report to review your strengths and opportunities for improvement. You can also see how your practice test scores trend over time, get information on your predicted score (including raw and overall scores as well as percentile rankings). The Kaplan GRE Channel also offers an extensive opportunity for customized learning. Through their extensive library of live and on-demand videos, you are able to determine what areas to review, see each video’s corresponding difficulty level, and watch them anytime you want. You can also watch live, interactive videos, asking questions as they go.

Available Almost Everywhere 

Kaplan’s live, in classroom test prep courses are offered in more cities and at more frequent intervals than any other test prep providers. This gives more students the option of taking a well-reviewed in-person class.

“Test Day Experience” 

Kaplan is the only GRE test prep provider that has partnered with Prometric to offer an official test day experience. With a Kaplan GRE prep course, you are able to experience exactly what it is like to take a GRE test, in an actual GRE test facility. This gives you the best idea of what to expect on test day.

Worst Features

While Kaplan offers more options of GRE test prep courses and guides than any of its competitors, it falls short on a few things: Its tutoring packages are expensive, it has a higher starting point for their courses, and their mobile access is somewhat limited. Kaplan offers a $49 a la carte math review, which is great for the budget studier who only needs a basic math refresher. However, the price for their courses (even their online, self-paced courses) starts much higher than many of their competitors. Take a look at the other top GRE prep courses for less expensive options and better overall bang-for-your-buck, if Kaplan’s price is a concern. While Kaplan has the most options available with the largest variety in price (from $49 to over $2100), their tutoring option is more expensive and less flexible than other private tutoring options. There are only three packages, and they start at over $1,000 for 15 hours. So, if you don’t feel you need that many hours, but still want a little personalized help, Kaplan may be overkill and overly expensive. The packages are also only offered in 15, 25, or 35-hour increments, so are inflexible. For the extensive array of materials, Kaplan GRE test prep offers limited mobile access. They have a great Flashcard app, which is great for the tough vocabulary on the GRE, but beyond that, you are limited to online access and no in app practice. If you are planning on studying with your mobile device, the Kaplan GRE test prep course may not be for you, as they offer a much better experience on a desktop or laptop.

Other Beneficial Features

Tutoring Packages

The Kaplan GRE tutoring packages are designed to complement their courses. All of the packages come with access to a Kaplan GRE prep course, and you can schedule your sessions around the classes. This gives you an opportunity to review, with a Kaplan experienced tutor, anything that didn’t quite click. While the plans are customizable, they are not as flexible as most of their competitors. The Kaplan plans start at 15 hours, so the entry-level tutoring package is over $1,000. They only offer packages of 15, 25, or 35 hours, so the options are also somewhat inflexible. If you are looking for just a few hours, the Kaplan GRE plans are likely not for you.

Score Guarantee

Like most of their competitors, Kaplan offers a higher score money back guarantee. If your score does not improve after you have completed an entire Kaplan GRE test prep course, you can get a full refund. You must provide a previous official GRE score to meet this requirement. They also offer a free retake option, if you are unhappy with the course for any reason. No questions asked. Take a look at the Kaplan GRE website for more information on their score guarantee.

Trial Options

Kaplan gives you the option of a seven day free GRE Prep Starter Pack. You can a limited number of their on-demand lesses, view a study plan, and take practice quizzes. You get enough of an overview of the coursework that you can determine if you like the style and if it is a fit for your particular GRE test prep needs.

You Might Like The Kaplan GRE Test Prep Courses If:

You prefer a more guided or classroom option. Kaplan’s Live Online and In-Person options give students that need more guidance and accountability just that. They have the most in-person options of any of the GRE test prep course providers, so there is most likely one out there in your city that will fit your timeline. If you want an extensive library of materials, practice questions and tests, and you’re willing to pay a higher price, Kaplan’s GRE prep courses would also work well for you. For more than just a Kaplan GRE prep review, take a look at our GRE course comparison chart and see how other GRE test prep courses compare.

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