Kaplan GMAT Prep Course Review


If you’ve started thinking about test prep, you have most definitely heard of Kaplan. They are one of the most established and most popular test prep options available and for good reason. They offer an extensive list of GMAT test prep options, with something for almost every study style and every budget, from an a la carte quiz bank option for $99 to customized tutoring packages starting at $2549. Kaplan offers the most options, in most places than any other GMAT test prep provider, which is how they’ve established themselves as a leader in the test prep industry.

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Because they have been around so long, Kaplan has developed an extensive library of materials. This is likely their best feature. They offer almost as many full-length exams of any of their competitors, more practice questions than most, offline materials, and their GMAT Channel with live and on-demand video. There are so many resources, that even with six months of access, most students won’t get anywhere near exhausting all of them. It may seem like you are paying for more than you need, but it ensures that you are able to learn and practice the particular skills at the appropriate level for you.


Because there are so many options, it is difficult to summarize pricing in a quick paragraph. While Kaplan GMAT Prep tends to be one of the more expensive options, there is a lower priced, full course starting at $799 and individual study materials starting at $99. Most plans are in the $1000 to $1600 range.

A few of their most popular options include:

Self-Paced Course, $799. This includes access to over 140 hours of online instruction and practice, 9 full-length exams, and access to their Adaptive Qbank for GMAT. It also includes over 5,000 practice questions, two of Kaplan’s well-rated GMAT test prep books, and access to The Official Test Day Experience. You have access for six months.

Live Online, starting at $999. The Live Online GMAT test prep course is Kaplan’s highest-rated option. It includes 18 hours of live instruction and over 140 hours of online instruction and practice. You have access to 9-full length computer adaptive practice tests, 2 prep books, access to over 5,000 practice questions, including the Adaptive Qbank, and over 140 hours of online instruction and practice. You also have access to additional live and on-demand instruction on The GMAT Channel. The In Person course, starting at $1199 has the same options, but in a classroom with a live instructor instead.

In Person PLUS, starting at $1599. This live in a classroom course offers everything the Live Online and In Person courses offer, but with three hours of one-on-one coaching and access to the GMAT Math Foundations self-paced course. The Live Online PLUS is a similar option, but online rather than in a classroom. It starts at $1399.

Other self-guided and a la carte options include:

Free Resources

Even if you choose another test provider, the Kaplan GMAT website can be an excellent resource. They offer a free Kaplan GMAT Starter Pack, allowing you to have a week’s worth of access to Kaplan teachers, videos, and quizzes. They also offer a 20-Minute Workout, with explanations and strategies for every question. The Kaplan GMAT blog offers an assortment of GMAT tips, strategies, and advice, and subject specific tips.

When I was studying for the GMAT, I loved the Kaplan GMAT Question of the Day. Each day, they email you a question to help you stay on track with GMAT thinking and strategy, allowing you to skip a day or two of studying here and there while still honing your skills and being consistent. There is also a free GMAT practice test available online.

Kaplan is also one of the only providers that provides access to free live GMAT Prep Events, including deep-dive sessions about the test, GMAT Bootcamp and subject matter strategy sessions, all two-hour long overviews of the subject.

Best Features

The Most Options

Kaplan offers the most options for GMAT test prep courses and materials of any of their competitors. Most students can easily find a course or program that will work for them. From their $99 QBank access to their 35-hour $4749 tutoring package, Kaplan has a course or option for all budgets, all levels, and all types of studying style. They also offer more in person classes in more cities than anyone else. They simply offer the most GMAT test prep available, anywhere.

Amount of Study Materials

Kaplan far exceeds their competitors when it comes to the amount of GMAT test prep course material. Between practice tests, their quiz bank, full-length practice exams, offline materials (including their acclaimed prep books and an MBA admissions guide), their app, and other resources, Kaplan has more material than any of the other GMAT test prep providers. And they are adding videos and questions every single day.

Each of their courses offers 9 full-length exams. This is more than all but one of their competitors (link to Princeton Review Rewrite). I consider a full-length practice exam to be one of the best ways to determine where to start, improve your performance, track your progress, and build the necessary stamina for test day. I can’t overstate the importance of taking a lot of full-length exams in score improvement.

Kaplan’s Adaptive QBank, their quiz bank, allows students to create customized quizzes from over 5,000 practice questions. The QBank adapts to your level, just like the actual GMAT does. It helps you to become familiar with the test format, but more importantly allows you to study at the most appropriate level for you, skipping over questions that won’t challenge you but not pushing you towards things that are too difficult to help. Once you’ve take a QBank quiz, you receive personal feedback. Kaplan offers access to the Qbank as a separate option for $99.

Another one of my favorite Kaplan GMAT test prep materials is their GMAT Channel, a live or on-demand video service with interactive lessons taught by Kaplan GMAT experts. Students have access to thousands of hours of instruction, including all subject matters at all levels. 15 – 20 hours of additional video are added each week, so you will constantly have access to new course materials. The GMAT Channel gives you an almost unlimited supply of GMAT lessons and study material.

Lastly, Kaplan is the only provider offering the Official Test Day Experience. As part of some of their packages, you are able to practice a GMAT test at Prometric, an actual GMAT test site, giving you a true test run of the test day. This eliminates any ambiguity or concerns you might have about logistics, removing some unnecessary stress and questions. This feature adds to the price of the Kaplan courses, so if you’ve already taken the GMAT or are not concerned about the test day details, you may be overpaying for a Kaplan course. If this is the case, take a look at a few other courses here.

Worst Features

There are quite a few things that I love about the Kaplan GMAT test prep courses. But, to me, there are a few things that it falls short on: Its tutoring packages are expensive and potentially more hours than you need and their self-guided and Live Online courses start at a higher price point than most of their competitors. For lower-priced options, take a look here.

The Kaplan GMAT test prep tutoring packages start at $2549, for 15 hours and go up from there. You do get access to either a Kaplan GMAT LiveOnline or In Person course for free, but there isn’t as much flexibility or the ability to have a smaller, less expensive package. They offer a few hours of one-on-one study in their PLUS packages, but it is not a complete tutoring package and they don’t offer flexible add-ons to their course packages or tutoring packages. If you want a little tutoring, but not quite 15 hours worth, Kaplan might be overly expensive and overkill.

While Kaplan does offer a few less expensive, and very targeted options, the starting point on their actual courses is $799. This course does not offer any live instruction and is more expensive than most of their competitors. If price is a concern, Kaplan may not be fore you. Take a look at our GMAT test prep comparison chart for less expensive options.

Other Beneficial Features

Tutoring Packages

Kaplan offers three different tutoring packages. They offer a 15-hour package for $2549, a 25-hour package for $3649 and a 35-hour package for $4749. Each of the packages comes with a complete In Person or Live Online classroom course. Your tutor will work with you to build a personalized study plan and help you concentrate on your strengths and weaknesses.

Score Guarantee

Kaplan offers a higher score guarantee on all of their tutoring packages, and their In Person, In Person PLUS, Live Online, Live Online PLUS, Self-Paced, and Self-Paced PLUS courses. If you complete the course and do not score higher than a previous exam or a Kaplan proctored practice test, you can get your money back or extend your course access free of charge. If you got a higher score, but are not happy with the score, you can extend your course access free of charge.

Trial Options

Kaplan GMAT test prep offers GMAT Prep Starter Pack, a 7-day trial of their self-paced course. You get limited access to their on-demand lessons, practice quizzes, and a potential study plan. It is enough to get a feel for the style of the Kaplan GMAT test prep courses and determine if it is right for you.

You Might Like The Kaplan GMAT Test Prep Courses If:

You want a guided test prep option with tons of comprehensive test prep material.

Kaplan’s GMAT test prep classes give students more guidance and accountability than most of their competitors, but it does come at a price. With the price, you get a classroom experience and an experienced instructor, in a classroom close in or near your city. You also get the guidance and accountability that comes with a classroom or live online experience.

If you are concerned that you might run out of study materials, the Kaplan GMAT test prep courses are also for you. With their extensive library of on-demand and live videos, quizzes, 9 full-length tests, and offline materials, you will most likely never run out of material designed to challenge you on any skill, at any level.

For more than just a Kaplan GMAT prep review, take a look at our chart and see how other GMAT test prep courses compare.

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