GMAT scoring guide : How scoring is done

by | Oct 17, 2016

You would be familiar with the GMAT exams but are you familiar with the scoring system in the GMAT exam? It is seen that often people get confused about the scoring system of the GMAT examination. So today we are going to help you to understand the scoring system of the GMAT examination and will also give you tips to score well on your GMAT exam.

After giving the test, you will see your scores. This score which you will see has four different components on which you are given scores.

These four various components are as follows:

The AWA in which you will be given scores from 0 to 6.

Then comes the integrated reasoning part in which you will be given scores on the scale of 1 to 8.

Now is the turn of the Verbal and Quant in which you will be given scores on the scale of 0 to 60 on each that is verbal and quant.
The last two that is verbal and quant are then scored on the scale from 200 to 800. This is the score which is referred by the students mostly.
Now further in verbal and quant section, the students are given ranking which is based on percentile. This score tells the students that they had done better from how many people in the examination than score-wise.

To understand this take an example that if you have scored 80 % then, it ‘s obvious, you have done better than the 80% of people who have opted for this examination. This scoring is all done in the last three years in the GMAT exam. The quant and verbal together sums up to give us the total score, but for each section, there is an average for each chapter which is different from each other. Thus the average for the quant section is 37.5, and the common mean for the verbal is 27.3.

Now when we talk about well scoring in the examination, it is all dedication what all you need and proper planning. Friends to score well in the exam, first of all, you acquire the best study material for GMAT. You can also go for online courses available in which Magoosh is rated excellent. After having an excellent study material start to prepare section wise. Focus on areas more in which you are weak. Study consistently every day. After you complete your syllabus go through practice exams which will give you the experience of the examination day. Practice tests will help you to point out on your mistakes to which you can improve by practicing further. Practice as much as possible and also take into consideration the time factor. With a proper study plan, you will be able to complete your study in a 3-4 month time if you remain focused and will also get a magnificent score for the first time.

All this will help you to score very well in the exam.

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