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exampal gmat prep course review


The creators of examPAL created a new test prep solution because they felt that students were paying a lot of money for the wrong product. They set out to create a test prep course that is fast, correct, and fits the students’ way of thinking. examPAL seeks to be the only course that studies the way you think and tells you how to solve problems better and faster, creating a more time and cost effective solution made for busy people. The examPAL goal is to help you improve your GMAT score by spending less time preparing, and avoid wasting time on trial and error.


Each examPAL full course has 24 interactive video lessons and 22 introduction videos with over 1500 practice questions. Each course offers three essay reviews, real GMAC designed practice exams and additional GMAC designed practice questions.

Each lesson is made up of three parts: an introduction that teaches you all the terms, rules, equations, and logic behind the topic, an interactive lesson that teaches you how to find the fastest approach to each question, and the practice questions. Once you’ve answered the practice questions, their is an interactive review.


ExamPAL offers three different course options, Premium ($489), Genius ($799), and Quant ($369). Each gives you access to the course for six months. All of the courses offer full access to their Quant and Integrated Reasoning material and four GMAC full-length practice exams. The Premium and Genius options offer their 70-point improvement guarantee, full access to their verbal and AWA material, essay review, and an admission consultancy. The Genius package offers three live one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Each package offers additional examPAL credits which you can use to purchase a la carte items like additional tutoring sessions and essay reviews. The credit system allows students to add to their packages as their needs change, rather than being limited to the first package that they purchased.

Free Resources

Like most of its competitors, examPAL offers a GMAT specific blog with information and resources to help you prep for the GMAT, business school applications, and getting your MBA. They also have an Ultimate Guide on How to Get An MBA, several different customizable study plans, and several sets of practice quizzes.

They also offer a seven day trial period that gives you access to most of their courses lessons and thirty study questions.

Best Features

The PAL System 

My favorite feature of examPAL’s test prep courses is the PALgorithm, their proprietary system to help you learn the fastest way to a correct answer. The examPAL creators discovered that there are three main routes to solve every problem. From precise (solve it using mathematical solutions, for problems we have everything we need), alternative (solve it plugging in a substitute – for when the problem would be difficult to solve unless working with actual numbers), and logical (when the question has to do with properties and can be solved without any equations or arithmetic).

With some of the GMAT questions, there are as many as ten ways to solve an individual problem. Most courses will only show you one solution, and it is usually the arithmetic (or precise) solution, often not the fastest or best way to solve. examPAL helps you determine which solution is the best one for you, or which one will get you the correct answer, fastest.

In real time, examPAL’s PALgorithm studies the way you think, using AI and your practice problem results to determine your strengths and weaknesses. As you study, it learns why you get some answers wrong and where you waste too much time. It then offers feedback and gives suggestions to more efficiently and accurately solve problems.

Using Diagnostic, Improvement, and Optimization phases, examPAL’s PALgorithm gives you insight into what should work best for you. When I studied for the GMAT, I found that I often got answers wrong because I forgot a key piece of information that was given to me in the question. It took me several weeks to figure this out. Had I used examPAL’s prep course, the PALgorithm would have figured this out for me much earlier on.

examPAL’s Diagnostic phase measures your starting point. Not only will it help determine which of the three solution approaches work best for you, it will also offer other specific tools to better solve each type of problem. The more you practice, the smarter examPAL’s PALgorithm gets, and the better it is at predicting and personalizing your learning.

In the Improvement Phase, examPAL suggests solutions that will have the biggest impact on your score and speed by offering the best tools for you and offering new problems in areas that you are struggling with.

By asking why you get an answer wrong, examPAL helps you to determine patterns, and then offers solutions and additional questions to help improve your weaknesses.

ExamPAL also lets you know which of these solution options is the best one for you using a matching system based on your previous answer choices and information on why you got something wrong. Most of the other test prep providers only offer one solution, and no other provider matches the solution to your strengths.

In the Optimization phase, examPAL compares you to other students with the same characteristics and offers you the solutions which helped make them faster and get more correct answers. By doing this, they are offering you the best solution for you. I found that it works. The solutions felt extremely intuitive to me. I rarely had a question on why a solution worked.

Official Tests by GMAC

examPAL’s sample tests are made by GMAC, the makers of the GMAT, so you get practice exams that are the most similar to what you will actually see on the GMAT and a practice exam score that will more accurately predict your actual GMAT score. Each course offers 4 full-length official practice tests. They are one of the only test prep provider to offer official GMAC practice tests.


examPAL is the only test prep provider that recognizes up front that your test prep needs will change as you study. You are given a certain amount of credits for each course that allow you to “purchase” additional course options, from private tutoring to study prep guidance, additional essay reviews, or an MBA admissions consultation. This allows you to determine what your additional needs are, after you have studied for awhile, without having to invest extra money.

Tutoring Packages

While examPAL does not offer in person tutoring packages, they do offer one-on-one tutoring sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts. Three hour-long sessions are complementary when you purchase the GMAT Genius Package ($799).

A la carte tutoring is offered at $125 per hour-long session or 250 credits. With 675 credits available in their Quant package, 1110 for their Premium, and 2580 in their Genius package, you can get at least a few extra tutoring hours with each package without an additional investment. This is much less expensive than most of their competitors.

Score Guarantee

examPAL offers a 70-point score guarantee, which is one of the highest in the test prep industry. Both their Genius and their Premium packages come with this guarantee.

Trial Options

examPAL offers a seven day free trial of their course. The trial course has limited practice questions and doesn’t give you access to every single section of the course, but it will give you enough of a feel for the course to decide if it is right for you. It also is enough to demonstrate if the PALgorithm is valuable to your study.

If you purchase a course and do not use it within 30 days, you can get a full refund.

Worst Features

examPAL’s worst features are lack of live or live online courses, no mobile app, and no stand alone quiz bank.

All of examPAL’s courses are self-paced, which is great if you are self-motivated but may not work for you if you like the accountability of a class setting. If you are interested in a prep provider with more live or in person options, take a look at our comparison chart.

They also lack a mobile app, which may make studying less convenient for some situations and students.

examPAL also doesn’t offer an unlimited quiz bank, like many of the other test prep providers. You are limited to the practice questions that are associated with each lesson and the practice quizzes offered free on their site. If you want additional questions on a certain subject, you will have to purchase another course or package. Take a look at our chart for other options that offer more practice quizzes.

Lastly, if the offered PAL solution doesn’t make sense to you, examPAL doesn’t offer a secondary solution every time.

You Might Like The examPAL GMAT Prep Courses If:

You are a busy, self-motivated studier. Because there are no live or live online classes, examPAL is a good fit for those students that can guide themselves through an online course. It is a great fit for those students who want a personalized course, don’t want to waste time figuring out why they get answers wrong, and want a complete online course. It is also a great fit for students who want a good value, as their courses are on the less expensive side of GMAT prep courses.

If you want live online or in-person classes, take a look at our comparison chart to find a prep solution that is right for you.

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