The Economist vs Magoosh GMAT

The Economist GMAT

The Economist GMAT course on demand is entirely online for students for ease of studying from anywhere. The Economist GMAT course provides its students with around more than 5000 questions for practice. In chances, if you get any problem with the solutions or you have doubt you can refer to the tutors for an additional type of help.

The course will also provide you with live videos by the tutor that will be around eight in number. The Economist GMAT course conducts 3 to 6 practice exams for you. It also has 5 to 6 essays that are graded by the instructors, and they also give personal feedback. They guarantee you to increase your scores from the previous one, or they offer you your money back. The courses of the Economist GMAT are available for different terms like for three months, six months and one is for 12 months. The total online based course can also be accessed via the mobile apps on ios and android platforms.


• You will get access to the instructors for help one on one so that you can ask them to improve your score seeing your performance.
• The course gives you a free trial for a minimum seven days and also ensure you money back guarantee.
• 5000 questions for practice and mobile application for portability.


• The practice test sessions are shorter as well as are less.
• It is recommended that the instructor help options needs to be improved.


Reviews of Magoosh GMAT

Now we shall discuss and see the reviews of Magoosh GMAT course.

The Magoosh GMAT course is said to be one of the best online course for GMAT preparations.The Magoosh GMAT course provides 250 video lessons for its students online. It has a practice question nearly 800 with their video explanations. It takes two and more exams for the student’s preparation. The Magoosh course is accessible for about one year. The Magoosh also have customer support for its students, and they access them via email anytime. The students can sort questions of the type of their level and then reach for another level as they start scoring well in the lower level. Magoosh GMAT course provides money back guarantee in seven days if the student does not like the course. Magoosh also offers study plans for its students so that they can follow that and-and maximum from it


• Quality study material- The maggots GMAT course gives its students a very qualitative study material that is practice questions, tests, video lessons, and other contents of the course.
• Portability- Now yo can get access to the Magoosh GMAT course from anywhere you just need a digital gadget like a laptop, tablet or smartphone through which you can get the access via the Magoosh app.
• When seen to its price it will cost you about in between 79 – 99 $ and the Magoosh officials also give you a better customer service via solving your problems.
• They guarantee you to increase your score and also offers a seven-day free trial


The disadvantages of the Magoosh GMAT course include fewer practice questions as well as fewer practice tests.

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