Best SAT Prep Courses of 2022

Getting started on your road to college is exciting, daunting, and—at times—confusing. Your SAT score can be the what gets you in or keeps you out of your dream school. There are numerous approaches to SAT prep: online lessons, live or in-person instruction, compact short-term crash courses and drawn-out review plans. It can be tough deciding which approach is best for you, but I have made it easy by doing all the research for you! Have a look at my reviews below to see what each company offers, how they compare to each other, and (most importantly) measure their strengths against your own.

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Before reading my in-depth reviews, take in my top three choices at a glance. These snapshots give a clear picture of why these courses stand out from the pack and most likely one is a perfect fit for you!

#1 Magoosh SAT (Best Overall, Most User-Friendly)

Let’s not mince words: I love Magoosh. With unbeatable mobility, an easy-to-use online interface, 100-point improvement guarantee, and the most affordable packages around, Magoosh easily takes top honors in my list of SAT prep courses.

#2 Princeton Review SAT Prep (Runner-Up, Most Comprehensive)

Everyone learns differently and everyone tests differently, and so the more options a test prep course offers the more likely you are to find a perfect fit. The Princeton Review comes with an incredible array of guarantees, online and in-person instruction, a full suite of practice tests and questions, and included access to ACT prep. With all of this, The Princeton Review is sure to offer a course that suits you.

#3 Testive SAT Prep (Most Personal)

Testive prioritizes harnessing the power of personal engagement. With their SAT prep course, they have created a review plan that presents effective practice methods while keeping you in constant contact with your coach and parents. You are not in this fight alone, and so Testive is structured to take full advantage of your support system.

In-Depth Coverage

#1 Magoosh SAT

Best Overall, Most User-Friendly

Everyone in today’s world is on-the-go. School’s out for the day, but there is still soccer practice, band practice, dance rehearsal, homework, dinner, and—oh yeah: SAT prep! Because of this, students can really benefit from having a review platform that is as mobile as they are and that is precisely where Magoosh comes into the picture. For no more than $79 (using my discount code), students can access Magoosh’s cache of study schedules, video lessons, flashcards, and customizable practice sessions.

Self-paced test prep has become an increasingly desirable option in the last few years, and by not offering Live or Tutoring options, Magoosh has fully committed itself to making one of the best Self-Paced plans money can buy. You can purchase packages that give you access to their resources for 1, 3, or 12 months, making it easy to fit your budget and your schedule. All of Magoosh’s plans come with 200 video lessons, 1,200 practice questions, 3 practice tests, a 100-point score improvement guarantee (or your money back!) and access to email assistance from their expert tutors.

If you are the type of student looking to make the most of your SAT prep while studying at your own pace and on a budget, look no further than Magoosh.

The Princeton Review is one of only two options on my list that offers students choices in every type of instruction: Self-Paced, Live Online, In-Person, and Private Tutoring. The Princeton Review is also one of the biggest names in test review—and for good reason! Their SAT courses come complete with 3,200 practice questions, ensuring that you have ample time to nail down even the trickiest areas of the test. Combine this with video instruction, a mobile app, three proctored practice tests, and homework assignments geared directly towards maximizing your performance and targeting your difficulties. Get started with a discount on the Self-Paced plan for $299.

The Princeton Review SAT prep also comes with the Princeton Review Guarantee, meaning that you can receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with your results. The Princeton Review also offers a very special 1400+ package, which is a course of instruction directly geared toward showing you how to earn a high score and make your dreams become a reality. The focus at Princeton Review is to maximize your results and minimize your time spent (both studying and taking the test!).

With such a full complement of options, you are sure to find the plan you need with The Princeton Review.

Testive is unique among the options on my list because they go all-out in focusing on personalized guidance. Testive will pair you with an individual coach, who is meant to help you stay on track without becoming an overbearing presence. Use my discount code to access Testive’s Self-Paced course for $399/month, which provides you with a score improvement guarantee, 4 practice exams, 1,600 practice questions, and a higher score guarantee.

Unlike other prep courses, Testive’s Self-Paced plans include a personal coach with whom you can connect once or twice a week to make sure that you’re making the best of your time and resources. Daily assignments are provided to keep you on track and eliminate the stress of arranging a study plan on your own. There is also a useful parent portal, which is meant to establish a collaboration between you, your coach, and your parents.

Consider Testive as a great way to combine Self-Paced versatility with the guidance and support of personal coaching. Testive does run as the most expensive option on my list because of its hands-on approach, but for those of you who benefit from this type of engagement, it can be fully worth the price tag.

#4 Kaplan

Most Affordable Versatility

Kaplan’s most direct comparison is The Princeton Review, as they are the only two options on my list that offer the full arsenal of Self-Paced, Live Online, In-Person, and Private Tutoring options. Kaplan is consistently cheaper than Princeton Review (with the exception of their hourly Tutoring rates): Self-Paced begins at $249, Live Online and In-Person plans will cost $599, and Tutoring plans begin at $216/hour.

Kaplan is also the only company in my review that includes printed textbooks in all of their review packages. Since Kaplan does not have a dedicated mobile app for SAT prep, the textbooks serve as a nice replacement that can be accessed offline and away from home, and they’re perfect for some quick studying on the bus, at lunch, or during study hall. Another great feature from Kaplan is their Rapid Review, 1.5-hour sessions where you can watch teachers go over strategies and commonly-tested subject areas.

If you’re looking for a full list of options while still hoping to save a bit of cash, Kaplan might be the choice for you.

#5 PrepScholar

Most Practice Questions

7,100 practice questions. I’ll say it one more time: 7,100 practice questions. Some might call it overkill, some might call it an insurance policy. But whichever way you look at it, PrepScholar’s incredible roster of practice questions makes me confident that you won’t go into the SAT unprepared. Sometimes simple exposure to question types and test style can make the difference in an average score and a great one, and more practice questions is never a bad thing.

PrepScholar’s Live Online instruction also features interactive video lessons. Instead of just hitting you with a wave of pre-recorded videos, PrepScholar has constructed a system that really makes you feel like you are being personally attended to. In addition to this, PrepScholar also offers the best score improvement guarantee on my list. If your score doesn’t go up by 160 points over your last SAT or approved PSAT, then you can be eligible for a full refund of your course fees.

Designed and executed by certified experts and successful SAT conquerors, PrepScholar provides students with a great option for getting ready to take such an important test. It’s high guarantee and deep practice pool makes it the second most expensive on my list, but if you can fit it into your budget, PrepScholar will surely deliver on its promises.

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