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The Economist GMAT Prep course, or the GMAT Tutor, as it is called, offers a completely online program designed to be uniquely customized for each individual student, for the most efficient use of your study time. It is perfect for the student without a lot of time between the time they sign up and their test date.

They offer three different plans starting at $799. Each course comes with one-on-one tutor sessions, an ask-a-tutor chat feature, and over 5,000 practice questions, with score improvement, guarantees up to 70.

All of these features, combined with their impressive adaptive learning technology make the Economist GMAT Tutor a course that we highly recommend.


The GMAT Tutor is completely online.

Mobile App. The Economist’s GMAT Tutor packages all come with access to their mobile app, which allows access to about 100 hours of content and all 5,000+ practice questions. The app uses the same adaptive learning technology that the site offers.

Over 5,000 Practice Questions.

No matter which package you choose, the Economist GMAT Tutor offers over 5,000 practice questions. They are given to you as you progress, based on what their artificial intelligence system determines is the best question for you at the time. More practice questions are added each day.

Up To Six Full-Length Practice Exams

Each plan has a different number of full-length, computer adaptive practice exams, with one full-length exam offered free. Their Complete Prep plan offers three, their Premium Prep plan offers five, and their Ultimate Prep plan offers six.

You are also able to add additional full-length exams to any package, if you would like.


The Economist GMAT Prep Courses are available in three plans: the Complete Prep, The Premium Prep, and the Ultimate Prep. All three plans offer an Economist magazine subscription and the same amount of online course reading material and practice questions. They vary in the months of access and the number of customizable options.

The Complete Prep offers three months access, a 50 point score improvement guarantee, 50 ask-a-tutor questions, 2 live 1-to-1 tutor sessions, 3 practice exams, and 4 essay markings for $799.

With the Premium Prep Course, you also have three months access but you get a 70 point improvement guarantee, 100 ask-a-tutor questions, 3 live 1-to-1 tutor sessions, 5 practice exams, and 5 essay markings for $899.

Finally, their Ultimate Prep Course offers six months access, a 70 point score improvement guarantee, unlimited ask-a-tutor questions, 4 live 1-to-1 tutor sessions, 6 practice exams, and 6 essay markings for $1099.

All three plans come with over 5,000 practice problems and app access.

If you don’t see a plan that is the right price for you, take a look at our GMAT comparison chart to find one that better fits your needs.

Free Resources

During their seven day trial of the GMAT Tutor, you have access to much of the course materials, including AI determined practice questions. You also have access to a one-on-one strategy session with a GMAT tutor. I suggest anyone reading this takes advantage of this free resource, regardless of which GMAT test prep course you choose. You also have access to one free practice test, which can help you determine your potential starting score.

The Economist GMAT test prep site offers a blog with general information on the format, rules, and scoring of the GMAT as well as an overview of each section. It also offers study and strategy advice, test day tips, and ways to improve your score as well as information on the business school admissions process.

Their MBA Finder feature allows you to search for schools based on type of program, location, cost, specialization, format, and intake. It gives most of the basic information on almost 2,000 MBA programs, including the average GMAT score, starting salaries after graduation, and an overview of the school. For those just starting the MBA admissions process this is quite a valuable resource.

If you are searching for a study guide, the Economist offers a free six month GMAT prep guide. You can download it here.

Best Features

Adaptive Learning

To me, one of the best parts of the Economists GMAT Tutor Course is the adaptive learning, which customizes the curriculum to your personal ability and timing. Each session is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and is designed to help you improve your skills and score as much as possible, in the most efficient way. The entire course is designed to cut your overall prep time by encouraging you to study what you need to study, as you need it.

The first things the Economist GMAT prep course asks you for when you open an account is your test date and your target score. From there, the adaptive learning technology works to determine where you are, as far as skills and levels. Immediately, the site is working to customize your experience. It understands that there is no value in studying what you already know and that trying to master an advanced topic is useless if you haven’t figured out the basics yet. The GMAT Tutor responds to your needs and stays on pace with your progress, customizing each study session to your strengths and weaknesses.

Every student using the Economist GMAT Tutor will have a different study trajectory, progressing from easier to more difficult questions as they’ve demonstrated mastery of the area. In this way, the GMAT Tutor mimics the actual test itself.

Ask-a-Tutor System

The Economist GMAT Tutor program offers an “Ask-A-Tutor” chat feature. You are given at least 50 individual chats with GMAT tutors. If a question within a lesson is particularly difficult, you can submit a question to a tutor. Tutors will answer you within three to four business days.

Essay Markings

The Economist GMAT Tutor comes with essay marking. With each package students can submit a certain number of Analytical Writing essays to Economist tutors and a tutor will respond with a graded essay and comments and suggestions.

Live One-on-One Sessions

If some area of the GMAT is particularly troubling to you, you have access to several one-on-one live tutor sessions, from 15 to 45 minutes long. Tutors are available around the clock, and can be scheduled in advance.

Alternative Solution Suggestions

One of the most important skills to learn when studying for the GMAT is when and how to use alternative solutions. Often the way that you learned to solve a quantitative problem in school is more time consuming than other ways to solve the same problem. During a timed test, this becomes an extremely important skill. The Economist GMAT Tutor offers these alternative solutions suggestions and shows you different ways to solve the problem.


Worst Features

No Quiz Bank.

While the Economist GMAT Tutor offers over 5,000 practice questions within the app, they are only accessible as part of a lesson, and chosen for you, based on AI. You cannot access them separately as a standalone bank of questions. So, if you wanted to take a quick quiz or just do a few questions here and there, you aren’t able to do so. The questions only appear as you progress through lessons or as you take practice exams. While I appreciate the design and purpose of this method, there were times when I wanted to study something else, as a break or a distraction from the planned course. This is not an option with the Economist GMAT Tutor.

Fewer Options.

The Economist doesn’t offer as many packages as many of its competitors, and has no a la carte options. You can purchase package add-ons individually once you’ve already purchased a course. However, the Economist is newer to the test prep industry relative to other top options, so this may change in the future. Take a look at our GMAT test prep comparison to find see what other options might be a better fit. Kaplan GMAT has the most options of any provider we have seen.

Not As User-Friendly

After testing, and really loving the format of the Magoosh’s GMAT prep course, I found the Economist GMAT Tutor’s dashboard was a little less user-friendly.

Other Beneficial Features

Tutoring Packages

Aside from the live one-to-one sessions offered with each package, there are not additional tutoring packages available. You can purchase additional sessions after you have purchased a course, but you cannot purchase a tutoring package separate from the course itself.

Score Guarantee

The Economist GMAT Test Prep offers three different levels of score guarantees, based on the package you choose. With the Complete Prep, you are guaranteed a 50 point score improvement, and with the Premium Prep Course and Ultimate Prep Course, you are offered a 70 point score improvement.

Trial Options

The Economist GMAT Prep Course is available for a 7-day free trial. You have limited course access, but it is more than enough to get a feel for the style of the course and study plan.

You Might Like The Economist GRE Test Prep Courses If:

You need a lot of flexibility and want to optimize your study time. The Economist GMAT Tutor is designed for students to use short breaks whenever they can to quickly study here and there. They claim that a daily 20-minute session over the course of a few months is all it takes to learn and practice their sessions.

The GMAT Tutor is a highly efficient method of studying, so is perfect for the person with a limited amount of time between now and their test day. Their adaptive learning technologies help you stay on track to study exactly what you need to study when you need it most. For many students, this will reduce the total hours necessary to get the same amount of improvement.

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