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Finding the Best GMAT Prep Book is hard.

There are so many GMAT materials in the market and finding the right study material is, well…. a tough task.

So, in this article, you are going to find some of the Best GMAT Preparation Materials from the marketAnd don’t worry: I have already done the heavy sifting for you. We won’t be parsing through any options that I don’t think are top quality. This page reviews only the best! The goal is finding the right book for YOU.

After researching and spending hours in reading these guides, I have come up with this list detailing the cream of the crop. Plus, I have included a quick Pros and Cons list for each option to boil things down even further.

PUBLISHERTitle of GMAT Prep bookPages in bookRatingGMAT Practice testPrice Range
Manhattan PrepComplete GMAT Strategy Guide Set19124.5 out of 5 stars6 Check Price
GMAT[The Official Guide to the GMAT Review 2017 Bundle + Question Bank + VideoNA4 out of 5 starsNA Check Price
Veritas PrepVeritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set - 12 Books2304.5 out of 5 stars12 Check Price
Kaplan PublishingGMAT Premier 2017 with 6 Practice Tests: Online + Book + Videos + Mobile (Kaplan Test Prep)11164 out of 5 stars6 Check Price
Princeton ReviewCracking the GMAT Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 20167684 out of 5 stars6 Check Price
Powerscore PublishingThe PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible3744.5 out of 5 starsNA Check Price
Powerscore PublishingThe PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible3204 out of 5 starsNA Check Price
Manhattan PrepGMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day2484 out of 5 starsNA Check Price
Manhattan PrepTotal GMAT Math2484 out of 5 starsNA Check Price
Margarette JungGMAT e-book1164 out of 5 starsNAFREE!

Manhattan Set of 8 Strategy Guides

best Gmat prep book

This combo pack includes eight GMAT prep books on the following topics: Number Properties; Geometry; Fractions, Decimals, and Percents; Equations, Inequalities, and VICs; Word Translations; Critical Reasoning; Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction.

Each topic is covered in full detail in its own dedicated book. They contain elaborate lessons and in-depth information and are beneficial for students who have sufficient time to prepare for GMAT. The exercises at the end of each chapter help in revising the concepts, and they tend to be a bit more challenging than typical GMAT questions. This extra difficulty is great for making sure nothing surprises you on test day.

Manhattan GMAT also provides access to 6 FREE GMAT practice tests. There is no better way to see if all of your studying is paying off. All in all, it is a must-buy for those who are looking for building the basics and want to start preparing from scratch.

What I Liked :

  • Eight subject-specific GMAT prep books
  • Contains elaborate lessons and in-depth information
  • Challenging level of difficulty
  • 6 free GMAT practice tests

What Didn’t Blow Me Away:

  • Examples are too shallow
  • Priced a bit high

GMAT 2019 Official Guide Bundle

This GMAT study guide is currently the best-selling set of prep books on Amazon and it’s easy to understand why, since each question is written by the test makers of GMAT. Most books include old GMAT questions for you to practice with, but with these books you can get an inside look at how the GMAT writers think.

The practice questions are classified based on their level of difficulty. It also gives access to exclusive online videos from test makers, sharing insights on how to crack GMAT.

The bundle comprises of three books: Official Guide for GMAT 2019, Official Guide for GMAT Verbal review 2019 and Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative 2019. All the books are highly recommendable. They also include 300 additional questions for the verbal and quantitative section of the test respectively.

Each of the GMAT Official Guide Books comes with online access, which includes online question banks and customizable practice tests.

Moving on to the cons of the book, it is a great book resource but it is geared largely towards beginners. The fact that the book being published by GMAC helps you familiarize yourself with how GMAT questions are likely to be written on the actual exam. But keep in mind that this does not mean necessarily that you will be getting any closely-guarded industry secrets.

What I Liked :

  • Written by the test makers of GMAT
  • 700+ questions from the previous year GMAT tests
  • Access to exclusive online videos from test makers
  • Availability of online question bank and customizable practice tests

What Didn’t Blow Me Away:

  • Only for beginners
  • No special strategies and tips

Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course- Set of 12 Books

veritas gmat course set 12 books

Veritas GMAT set is one of the leading books for GMAT preparation available in the market. The package consists of 12 top GMAT prep books which cover the following topics in great detail:


Foundations of GMAT Logic, Algebra; Geometry; Arithmetic; Critical Reasoning; Statistics and Combinatorics; Sentence Correction; Data Sufficiency; Advanced Verbal Strategy; Reading Comprehension; Advanced Word Problems; and Analytical Writing Assessment & Integrated Reasoning

This GMAT prep course provides both classroom and internet approaches. Whether you like to learn online or with physical resources, this package has something perfect for you.

One of the best features of Veritas GMAT course is that—apart from email support service—it has an option of live chat which makes the communication easy and you can get your query resolved instantly. It also provides 12 full-length online GMAT practice tests along with comprehensive progress reports that let you see the improvement in your performance. You can see where you need to improve and compare your scores against the average GMAT scores required to get admission in top B-Schools.

The package also gives access to online video tutorials that can be downloaded to your computer or iOS devices. Veritas GMAT prep provides you an option of money back guarantee. If your GMAT score does not improve and you are not satisfied with the course, you can cancel and get the full refund.

What I Liked :

  • 12 of the best GMAT prep books
  • Course provides both classroom and internet approach
  • Option of live chat
  • 12 full-length online GMAT practice tests

What Didn’t Blow Me Away:

  • The spacing of questions can be confusing
  • Few errors

Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 2019

Kaplan is one of the most trusted names in preparation for the GRE, GMAT, and other admissions tests.  This book is ideal for those who have just started their preparation. It contains six full- length GMAT practice tests, five of which are available online and fully adaptive, giving you a feel for what the real GMAT will feel like. It provides in-depth, detailed answers and is jam-packed with helpful strategies and tips for handling all different kinds of problems.

The extraordinary thing about Kaplan is that they have adopted digitization, which is the trend nowadays. So in addition to the book, you will get access to online resources and features and a useful mobile-enabled version, which will benefit both traditional and online learners. It’s no surprise that one of the best names in test prep has delivered the best GMAT prep book. 

One of the drawbacks of the book is that it lacks some of the higher-level questions found in actual GMAT. Also, keep in mind that the online resources expire after a year of purchase.

What I Liked

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Six full- length GMAT practice tests
  • Detailed answers with numerous strategies and tips
  • Free DVD, an iPad download and mobile-enabled version

What Didn’t Blow Me Away 

  • Lacks high-level questions found in actual GMAT
  • Online resources provided expire after a year of purchase

Princeton Review-Cracking the GMAT Premium 2019

Princeton Review’s ‘Cracking the GMAT’ is an excellent study material to start off. It is particularly useful for those who have less time left for preparing for GMAT since it is famous for providing shortcut formula and tricks to solve different questions. Another good thing about this GMAT study material is that it includes six computer adaptive practice tests and online access to video tutorials. The adaptive practice is helpful for familiarizing yourself with the style of how the GMAT will react to your responses on test day.

Coming to the con part, the questions in the Quantitative section are elementary and lack the difficulty level that you would find in an actual GMAT test. The Verbal section suffers from similar drawbacks. The Princeton Review books can be used to learn the basics—like how to identify errors in a sentence and how a passage is constructed—but unfortunately, they don’t dive too deeply into the more difficult areas.

What I Liked

  • Perfect for those who have less time left for preparing for GMAT
  • Six computer adaptive practice tests
  • Online access to video tutorials

What Didn’t Blow Me Away 

  • Questions in the Quantitative section lacks the difficulty level found in actual GMAT test
  • The verbal section is not up to the mark

The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

powerscore gmat critical reasoning bible 2019

This GMAT preparation book stands up to its name, and it is the best GMAT prep book when it comes to Critical Reasoning. With step by step explanations for most practice problems, it’s easy to understand the logic behind the solutions. With a focus on identifying different question types and maximizing your time efficiency, the questions in PowerScore are sure to have you prepared for test day.

This GMAT study guide breaks down the problem into smaller problems so that they can be solved easily. This book also provides a handy strategy for studying the most relevant sections in case you don’t have enough time left for preparation. The main drawback of the Power Score is that there is a limited number of questions in this GMAT book compared to its competitors.

What I Liked

  • Best GMAT prep book for Critical Reasoning
  • Breaks down the problem into smaller problems
  • Provides the quick strategy to study the most relevant sections

What Didn’t Blow Me Away 

  • Limited number of questions in the book
  • Some explanations are too convoluted
  • No tests or online exercises

The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible

If you want to refresh or advance your grammar skills, you must buy The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible. Much like its counterpart in Critical Reasoning, this is a dedicated subject book that gives detailed answers on correct and incorrect choices. Theory, practice questions, and test-taking techniques are all evenly distributed throughout this GMAT preparation book.

The elements included in this book are Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Conjunctions, Modifiers, and sentence correction. The book spotlights and explains the strategy on how to identify errors in part of speech, the appropriate approach to correct single and multiple errors, techniques for resolving possible errors, and art of eliminating answer choices as you decode the question.

What I Liked

  • Advance your grammar skills
  • Detailed answers on correct and incorrect choices
  • Two books completely dedicated to the verbal section

What Didn’t Blow Me Away 

  • Not for comprehensive study—only deals with verbal section

The GMAT Roadmap by Manhattan

manhattan prep gmat roadmap review

As the name suggests, this study guide helps you in planning and strategizing on how to achieve a high score on the GMAT. It has everything under the sun: from preparing the study plan to tips for dealing with test-day anxiety. All the test taking experience gathered over the years by Manhattan instructors has been condensed into an easily-digestible collection of strategies. In addition to the book, you will also get access to six online tests and GMAT Navigator for a year.

Keep in mind that this book is not for Advanced learners: the mission is to go in detail explaining how to approach the basics of the test. With that said, if you have already taken the GMAT then you may find much of the resources in this book redundant.

What I Liked

  • Helps you in planning and strategizing on how to achieve a high score in GMAT
  • Covered everything from preparing the study plan to tips for dealing with test anxiety
  • Insightful tips and strategies
  • Access to six online tests and GMAT Navigator for a year

What Didn’t Blow Me Away 

  • Not for Advanced Learners
  • Unnecessary for test re-takers

Total GMAT Math

total gmat math book review

This book is solely dedicated to the quantitative section. With 300 practice questions to get you familiar with GMAT writing styles and 500 non-GMAT style questions for those who like to push their limits and sharpen their skills, this book is sure to impress.

One good feature about this book is the detailed explanation and methodology to solve each unique problem that you could confront in GMAT. The book has 40 chapters covering each sub-topic thoroughly.

This GMAT study guide is perfect for students who are looking for building theoretical knowledge and want to explore a different kind of problems.

What I Liked

  • Best GMAT Prep Book for the quantitative section
  • 300 practice questions and 500 non-GMAT style questions
  • Detailed explanation and methodology
  • Best for students who are looking for building theoretical knowledge

What Didn’t Blow Me Away 

  • Not a complete package

Magoosh GMAT book (ebook)

gmat preparation book

Magoosh the best GMAT prep courses on the market and this e-book, “Complete Guide to the GMAT” is a great complement to their prep course. It is gaining popularity day by day because of its online presence, cost-effectiveness, and email support service that it offers.

Magoosh, uniquely, does not use any other medium like books and DVDs, and the entire course content is available online. You can access the course from any device: be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or any smartphone. This mobility and accessibility allows you to study without sacrificing much of your already busy schedule. Apart from the comprehensive review, it also provides you tips on time management and helps you in understanding the GMAT score report.

There is no shortage of GMAT books and resources, but to select the right one, and prepare them with a plan of action along with sufficient practice is the key to success. Different GMAT prep books provide a different set of strategies, and Magoosh’s resources focus on putting your hands firmly on the steering wheel. It all depends on how you learn and implement the strategy during the test which can eventually boost your score.

What I Liked

  • Entire course content is available online
  • Tips on time management
  • Helps you in understanding the GMAT score report

What Didn’t Blow Me Away 

  • No books and DVDs

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it: a full review of the top GMAT prep books currently on the market. Don’t feel like you need to purchase all of them in order to prepare yourself for the GMAT: most are meant to be stand-alone review regimens, with the exception of the subject-specific books (but these are great for students looking for more of a “boot camp” option). If you think we’ve left any GMAT books off of our list, or if you’re looking for a review of any other GMAT products, drop us an email or leave a comment below. Now get out there and take on the GMAT!

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