Magoosh GMAT Review


Magoosh Gmat Review

In this post I will give a full Magoosh GMAT review. The GMAT is still a popular choice among MBA aspirants despite the increasing acceptability of GRE scores.  Most of the aspirants preparing for GMAT are work experienced  who generally don’t have time to go to any coaching center due to time constraint. So, studying online is definitely a viable option.

That’s where Magoosh’s Online GMAT Preparation comes in. It’s easily the best online course you can get for the money.
You can also check out my review of Magoosh’s GRE Prep Course.

MAGOOSH GMAT Review : What do they offer?

Magoosh offers 3 plans of study for GMAT:


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By far, the most comprehensive online course in the market. This is the best plan for all the students because it contains full Gmat package. This package offers 250 + video lessons for all the 4 sections being asked in the GMAT: Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning. It also includes 800+ practice question with answers in detail. You can access this account for 1 year. You can also try Magoosh GMAT for 7 days 


  • Over 250 video lessons
  • Over 800 practice questions
  • At least 2 practice tests
  • Study schedules

On top of this, it has features like:

  • 1 year of access ( HUGE )
  • +50 total score guarantee ( Yes, they mean it )
  • Email assistance
  • Score Predictor ( Important )

All this at a nominal cost of USD 199  99$ for limited time only . To state “nominal” is an understatement here.


Now, there are a lot of students who are pretty good with their verbal and writing skills but quantitative hinder there GMAT preparation. So, this package is absolutely meant for those guys.


  • Over 150+ video lessons
  • Over 450+ practice questions
  • Practice Test
  • Study schedules


  • 1 year of access
  • +3 math score guarantee
  • Email assistance

This is offered at USD 179  79$ for limited time only. Not a bad pricing but the only downside to it is that you Don’t get any access to practice tests nor do you get the score predictor.

3) Magoosh GMAT prep Verbal + AWA:

A lot of Asian students generally find quantitative to be on the easier side but verbal scores ruin their overall GMAT score. This package is meant for those set of people ( A lot of people I must say! )


  • Over 75 video lessons
  • Over 350 practice lessons
  • Study schedules


  •  1 year of access
  • +3 verbal score guarantee
  • Email assistance

This is also offered at 179 USD  79$ for limited time only.  But, the only downside as in the case of the earlier package is that you DON’T get any access to practice tests or the score predictor.

In this Full review of Magoosh Gmat plan I will also cover some PROS and CONS about Magoosh Gmat.


Benefits of Using Magoosh GMAT Online prep :

1) Outstanding Study Materials :

Video Lectures provided By Magoosh Gmat is really great. Most of the videos of Magoosh Gmat have been created by Brent Hanneson. He was content provider in Magoosh and Program advisor in UBC consulting studies.

Magoosh provides Two kind of videos

i) Lesson video which is usually bigger and explains all the strategy and explains the topics.

ii) Video explanations of practice questions which were asked during the practice session. These videos are usually short but explanation of practice question is outstanding.

Math questions which are explained by Bret is outstanding. These Math questions are from Official Guide. At the end of each lesson they will suggest you some lectures which will help you to work on your weak areas.



This course ideally suits the self-studiers, those who prefer to study on their own time and their own pace.

Busy professionals, who don’t have time to go to X,Y,Z coaching institute and can only sneak in a few hours here and there.

Video lovers, those who learn better by watching a video rather than studying those boring books. ( no offense )

People who like to study from books check out out list of Best Gmat preparation Book



They have their study schedules ranging from 1 month to 3 months to finally 6 months.
That’s a pretty good thing because all of us are different, all of us have a different way of pacing ourselves. So, I think this is pretty handy.



As stated earlier, although Magoosh Premium plan is something which I’d recommend to anyone but some of us already have a strong quant/verbal background, so accordingly we can pick up any of the 3 plans offered by Magoosh which I feel is the way to go. But to score highest in your GMAT exam I prefer to go with premium Magoosh plans.



Yes! Magoosh mean it when they say it. They have a 7-Day money back guarantee scheme where in if you feel that the course you have signed up isn’t exactly what you thought it would be, then you get all your money back. I think an online course who’s so confidently of saying this in the open is really sure of it’s quality. I don’t think more than 1% of the aspirants would have ever opted for this but still in case, you do have this option.

In addition Magoosh offers +50 total score guarantee when you sign up for premium Magoosh Gmat plan. So, if you are opting for GMAT second time then they are giving guarantee that you will have +50 score then your previous exam.

If you are opting for Math+IR or Verbal+AWA plan they give +3 score guarantee.



For those skeptical people around, you can even try Magoosh for free for 7 days. Here, you’ll have more than 20 lessons and practice questions which will give you a feel of how the course is designed and also a trailer of it’s quality. That’s a handy feature, I must say.


Now, this is something which anyone can access irrespective of whether they have signed up with Magoosh or not but I feel that sticking to one particular course material helps. So, whatever you learn in the videos and practice questions can be complemented very well with the brilliant GMAT blogs which Magoosh offers on their website which mostly covers nuances of each and every topic.


8) Great Customer Service :

Customer Service Of Magoosh is unbelievable. For all the Emails their response time is almost none. For any issue if you email them they will try really hard to solve your problem in minimum time. If you will send email to CEO/Co-Founder of Magoosh, Bhavin Parikh, he will reply you in 10-15 minutes.

Overview of Magoosh GMAT prep plan

100% online GMAT learningNo live Tutoring
Outstanding study materialNo AWA evaluation
Study Schedule for everyoneFew Practice test
Flexible Plans
Money Back Guarantee
7 Day Free Trial Access
iphone/ ipad/ Android access
Great Customer Service


Check out this product Tour of Magoosh Gmat


CONS of Magoosh GMAT : 



For those of you, who are used to get your doubts solve in person and are pretty restless if you don’t get that solved immediately, then this is something which Magoosh won’t help you with. As mentioned, the email assistance is there and it’s brilliant but it still takes time. So, you would have to wait from anything between 1-2 days to get your doubts solve and sometimes it takes even more time as probably you were not able to explain your doubt clearly in the first instance to the Magoosh team. So, this is a bit of a letdown to those section of people.



This one is probably the biggest disadvantage as I see. It is very important for our essays to be judged by someone because ideally, it’s very tough to judge it on our own ( We all rate ourselves a bit high J ).
You can’t submit your essays to the Magoosh team for evaluation. So, you have to compromise on this which is sad.


3) Few Practice Test 

Only Premium Magoosh GMAT plan provides GMAT practice test, and that is ” at least 2 practice test “. Most other GMAT online prep courses provide 4 to 6 GMAT practice tests.

Summery of Magoosh GMAT course feature

1)250+ Video Lectures
2)800+ practice questions
3)2+ Gmat practice test
4)Quizes after every video lecture
5)Study Schedule
6)GMAT score predictor
7)Apps for Android, Iphone, Ipad
8)3 Different plans available for all the users
9)+50 Total Score guarantee
10)Money Back Guarantee
11)E-mail assistance



Having said all this, I still feel that the PROS outweigh the CONS. The video lessons, practice questions which Magoosh offers are the closest to the GMAT examination and this is something which is coming from student’s mouth! Also, the score predictor feature is actually pretty accurate because Magoosh has a database of a lot of students. Also, the quizzes which they offer with a timer on is actually a great feature because solving questions is one thing but doing them under a timed environment is another which actually is a deciding factor between a good score and a great score.

To sum it up, with Magoosh offering so much, it is really worth it. I won’t even look at the cost for the features it brings to the table but even if I do, it’s just a nominal price they’re asking. I’d recommend this to everyone who are comfortable with on-line style of learning.If you have any more questions after reading this full Magoosh GMAT Review please comment below or you can email us.

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