How to score 320 in Gre


Cracking 320 in GRE is not cakewalk thing but with proper planning and organizing your self you can reach your desired target score in 1 or 2 months. Check out this Ultimate guide to score 320+ in GRE.

well, if you are targeting for 320+ in GRE you will have to work smart. One can not get 320+ score just by mugging the 3500 words or just by practicing whole aptitude maths.  Here is the link of GRE study materials which can be used to increase your score.  In addition, first of all, you will have to make a timetable for one or two months. I have prepared timetable for Gre practice Test which you can see here.

Gre study materials :-


==>For more Gre preparation material check Best Gre preparation Books.


Gre verbal preparation 


  • In 20 days learn 1 deck/ 50 words from Magoosh flashcards.  In 20 days you will be done with 1000 Magoosh words. But the problem is you will forget words after some days so it will be better that after several days you should start revising old decks of magoosh flashcards.
  • Once you are familiar with the words use that words in your daily life. Yes, It will impact on your score. You will remember words more efficiently then mugging. For example, today you learn a word ” conundrum “  which means ” a difficult problem “  so whenever you are facing a difficult problem in mathematics or in any situation, you should use ” conundrum ” instead of problem. It will have great effect on your writing as well as remembering the word.
  • Some words are difficult to remember and they are difficult to put it in any situation so here is a tip. Make a picture of it or Google that word and see the images. Next time whenever you will see that word you will see that picture in your mind. So, from that picture you will remember meaning of the word.
  • Last but not list, do not forget to remember how the word is used in sentence. Yes, you can read sentence under the flash cards but try to make new sentence with your own thought and own sentence. Otherwise in Sentence Equivalence and Text completion it will cause problem.


How to prepare for  Reading Comprehension


  • Reading comprehension seems easy, but after you will start reading the passage you will have strong wish to bang your head on the computer screen !!! Yes, that is true. But after practicing much you will be fine with the RC’s.
  • First of all start Reading some article of news paper first. Like Economics Time, or The times of India, start reading that topic’s article with which you are not familiar. Suppose you do not like politics so you should read at least one article of politics from news paper daily. And after that try to some up the information which are given in the article.
  • The reason you should read article which are not familiar with you because in GRE you will have article about history, science, art etc. So this habit will surely help.
  • With this habit, start reading Manhattan’s Reading Comprehension book. check out reviews of this gre prep book here.( highly recommended ) This book have best strategy to crack RC. This book will surely help you to crack RC.


=> Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion : 

  • To fight with SE and TC you will need strong Vocabulary. So, after dealing with 500 (or more) Magoosh words start solving SE and TC problem from Princeton 1014.


=> Some Optional Thing.


Gre math prep


  • The Guru mantra to get 160+ score in maths is Practice, Practice and Practice. Spend at least 2 hours a day for problem solving in 2 months before your exam. You can solve problems from Princeton 1014, Nova Maths and Ets official guide to Gre (2nd Edition) .
  • To the people who are week at  start practicing maths from they have very nice formula and practice question.
  • Start with official guide to Gre. The explanation is not quite good but problems are pretty good.
  • Start remembering all the formula and start practicing maths from manhattan quantitative series, With that start solving Data Interpretation from Princeton 1014 they have very nice question set for D.I.
  • If you have more time like 2 or 3 months then you can solve Nova Maths Bible and R.S. Agrawal (Buy from Flipkart)


=> Analytical Writing

  • Some student does not prepare for Analytical Writing until last week of exam. But let me remind you if you are targeting top 50 universities in USA then you will need greater then 4.0 in Analytical Writing , and without practice in Analytical Writing you can not get good score in Analytical Writing . And even if you are not targeting top 20 universities most university require 3.0 or more in awa. So do not think that this section can be done without practice.
  • Further Details are Here : How to prepare for Gre AWA Section ( Coming Soon )

Gre practice test

  • For a mock test  I recommend you to buy any book from Manhattan series so that you can get 5 test of Manhattan which is very nice and effective.


So folks, this is it, This whole thing you can complete in around two or 2.5 month in last 15 days you should take you test, analyse your mistake and after the day of exam you can share your review with us. 😀

So , best of luck  I hope this will help you to score 320 + in GRE 🙂 In case of any doubt do comment.

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